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Urinary Incontinence in Dogs

Signs of Urinary Incontinence Are you beginning to find puddles of pee in the house? Or have you discovered wet spots where your dog was lying or sitting? If the answer is “yes” to any of them, your dog may be experiencing a condition known as urinary incontinence. The fact

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Dog’s Urinary Tract – 5 Symptons

Your dog’s urinary tract is a marvellously intricate system of organs, hormones and chemistry. The kidneys are the primary organs responsible for regulating the internal environment of the body. They play an important role in water and electrolyte balance, in the elimination of the everyday waste products that result from

Urinary Incontinence

Bladder Control for Dogs

Dog Incontinence Solutions

What to Do If Your Puppy Accidentally Ate Proin

As with most dog owners, you obviously love your puppy more than anything, but you are not a huge fan of their habit of soiling your rug or sofa. It’s one thing when they don’t know any better, but when they continue soaking your living room or staircase, you’ll have

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What If Your Dog Leaks Urine When Lying Down?

There’s a chance that you have noticed a pattern with your dog lying down and leaking urine after playing with you like normal. Times when they immediately stand up and walk away, leaving a puddle on the ground beneath them. In some cases, you may

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Proin Versus Oestrogen for Dogs

Very few dog problems can prove quite so pernicious as urinary incontinence. Especially if you find that your older dog is leaking urine. You want to make sure that your dog gets the best treatment possible. There’s every chance that you’ve done a bit of

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Natural Remedies for Dog Incontinence

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