Benefits of CBD Oil for Dogs

It can be very stressful for dog parents to have a sick pet at home, as all you end up doing is spending eternity searching online for the right medicine and treatment. Several treatments options are available, but time has shown that they are not always as effective on all kinds of dogs. Some of these medicinal choices can also have a lot of side effects, which – over time – can lead to a reduction in a dog’s functions.

But there is one medicine in the pet world recently that is doing rounds, and that is CBD. There are several benefits of CBD oil for dogs. Benefits that include helping to promote homeostasis, which is important for temperature balancing and gives a therapeutic effect.

Some of the other key benefits of CBD oil will be discussed below.

What exactly is CBD Oil?

Before diving into all the benefits that the best CBD oils for dogs bring, it is handy to understand what exactly CBD is.

CBD is cannabidiol that is derived from the cannabis plant.

  • The cannabis plant species, which is used to extract CBD, is hemp.
  • Many cannabinoids can be extracted from the cannabis plant, and this is one of them.
  • Cannabidiol won’t get the pet high.
  • Lower THC levels.
  • It is naturally non-psychoactive.
  • It does not have a known level of toxicity, which means no overdose.


Is CBD for Dogs Safe?

Human use of CBD oil is becoming increasingly popular, but how about CBD oil for dogs? Is this safe for our four-legged friends and other pets who are canine? Many veterinarians have begun recommending CBD oil for dogs, despite the fact that veterinary research into this new treatment is in its infancy.

Colorado State University had a small study that discovered overall healthy dogs tolerated CBD well, with reports of some mild diarrhoea and slightly elevated levels of serum ALP (liver enzyme). Researchers say more comprehensive studies are needed to assess any long-term effects of CBD on the livers of dogs but found no immediate threat of toxicity to the liver.

Most human studies indicate that cannabinoids have anti-inflammatory effects and can help in anxiety, aggression, pain, seizures, muscle spasms, and neurological disorders.

Online forums, social media, and other outlets show there is also a lot of anecdotal evidence from pet parents about the benefits they’ve seen from CBD use in their pets. It is also important to note that we haven’t seen any reports from pet parents (or veterinarians, for that matter) using CBD oils or treats of major side effects or negative health concerns.

How Does CBD Oil for Dogs Help?

Each mammal has an endocannabinoid system that handles the different processes in the body such as immunity, sleep cycle, memory, and other functions.

Dogs also have the same endocannabinoid system, which can interfere with brain released endocannabinoids. But one can add it externally to complement this supply of endocannabinoid from the brain.

This is why it is effective in dogs too, and without any side effects, one can use CBD oil for dogs.

What benefits does the CBD offer?

The use of CBD for dogs has a number of benefits. Let’s list some of those who are very effective:


CBD helps to evoke immune responses, and that is why it can reduce inflammation of any kind. It can help reduce pain caused by any type of arthritis, intestinal irritation, etc.

Pain-killer CBD helps stop anandamide, which is the natural pain killer, from absorbing. With increased blood levels of anandamide, it helps to reduce the sensations of pain.


It helps restore impaired neuronal activity. Abnormal neuronal activity usually leads to seizures and tremors. Therefore CBD helps to reduce seizures.

CBD has an anti-anxiety effect, reducing stress and various phobias. CBD activates serotonin receptors that help to increase serotonin levels in all kinds of organisms and, in this case, dogs, which curbs any kind of anxiety and fear.

Anti-emetic CBD helps control nausea and vomiting in dogs. Given that it is very common to have nausea while undergoing certain treatments such as chemotherapy, CBD can help in this situation and also curb the appetite for loss.

Anti-cancer Malicious tumours are common in dogs, and this means that the dog needs to undergo chemotherapy, leading to different side effects.

Possible side effects of CBD in dogs

While there is no scientific data for dogs on the side effects of CBD use, potential side effects are based on how CBD affects humans. Make sure you follow the proper dosage to avoid any potential side effects.

Dry mouth: Research has shown that CBD can reduce saliva production. This would show itself as a heightened appetite for puppies.

Lowered blood pressure: A temporary drop in blood pressure was known to cause high doses of CBD. Though the drop is small, it may create a brief sensation of light-headedness.

Drowsiness: CBD has been used by dog owners to treat anxiety. CBD’s calming effect can also induce mild drowsiness.

Looking for High-Quality CBD Oil for Dogs?

Because CBD oil for dogs is not yet regulated, when searching for the most efficient and safe products, there are some vital factors to consider.

  1. Is it organic? High-quality, toxin-free CBD oils are made from organically grown hemp.
  2. How does it work out? Effective methods include extraction of carbon dioxide and a cold press. However, certain companies use cheap methods and potentially toxic solvents, such as propane, hexane, and butane, to extract THC from the plant.
  3. Was it checked independently? Look for companies that test their products independently and provide an analysis certificate (COA). Testing can include microbiology, pesticide, mycotoxin, heavy metals, residual solvent, and more.
  4. What degree of THC? Test the THC potency of every drug. Many products contain higher THC levels, which may be harmful to your pet. Look for products with THC inferior to 0.3 per cent. All recommended products are hemp-derived, and should therefore always fall below this level.

CBD oil is a great addition to the world of Pets and Pet treatment. You should really consider giving it to your dog as it would do it a world of good and reduce the stress of having to treat it with different medicines when it gets ill.