Can a Dog Get a Urinary Tract Infection From Another Dog?

If you’re a dog owner and have spent some time online searching and investigating different medical conditions that affect dogs, then the chances are that you have come across Urinary Tract Infections (UTI). Every year, countless dogs contract urinary tract infections. Such an infection can cause your dog a fair amount of discomfort when it relieves itself. It can also lead to it becoming unable to control when and where it goes to the bathroom.

For the sake of your dog’s well-being as well as that of your interior décor, you need to find a way to get your dog’s bladder problems under control, which means solving the mystery of its urinary tract infection.

Can a Dog Get a Urinary Tract Infection From Another Dog?


If your dog has been around other dogs recently, laying the blame on those other dogs may seem reasonable — but is that just a convenient choice?

Can your dog get a urinary tract infection from other dogs and what should you do if you have multiple dogs all dealing with Urinary Tract Infections? The following factors need to be considered as dogs with UTIs sometimes also suffer from occasional incontinence.

UTIs and Dogs

To answer the main question here upfront, no, urinary tract infections are typically not contagious. That is true for both dog-to-dog as well as owner-to-dog UTIs. Your dog cannot infect you nor can it be infected by another dog.

However, just because they didn’t contract it from one another doesn’t mean that there isn’t a link between two dogs with a UTI. For example, they may have contracted the infection from a shared source.

If you have two or more dogs who contract UTIs, you’ll want to scour your home and see if you can track down whatever may be infecting your dogs.

Speak to Your Vet

In furtherance of that effort, you’ll want to ask your vet what may be causing these urinary tract infections and how they can best be treated. Given the different potential causes behind urinary tract infections, their expert insight can be instrumental in helping your dog get the treatment it needs.

Keep Dogs Apart

Even though a urinary tract infection is not typically contagious, you don’t want to have the affected dog be negatively affected by the presence of the other. Dogs can be highly sensitive about their bladders and urinate to mark their territory.

Even if they don’t infect one another, one dog’s UTI has the potential to negatively impact the way that it is viewed by another.

While you need to be careful with dogs who have UTIs, it is not at all likely that they will infect other dogs with their condition.