Dealing with Senior Dog Bowel Incontinence

Unfortunately, dogs will age. This is a normal part of owning a pet, although it can be disheartening to watch your pet slowly lose certain functions as its body ages. One of the most common things to happen with senior dogs is bowel incontinence.

If you realize that this is happening to your senior dog, make sure that you never scold the dog, as it physically cannot help it. Instead, you should look for ways to solve the problem that benefit both you and your dog.

senior dog bowel incontinence

For instance, making sure that your dog has a comfortable solution to the incontinence problems will keep your dog comfortable and also keep your house clean.

There is one main solution to look at in this scenario. You will want to purchase some form of a diaper for your dog. Depending on the gender of the dog, you will want to go for belly wraps or diapers, but they both ultimately serve the same function.

If your dog is a female dog, you should look towards dog diapers that can comfortably fit your dog. If your dog is a male dog, you will want to measure your dog and choose a belly band. Both of these solutions will be well worth it in the end.

Choosing the Proper Diaper

Both belly bands and diapers can fall under the category of diapers. When you are looking at the best one to choose for your dog, you will want to take into account a few different factors. Price is important to an extent. For instance, disposable diapers are a major waste of money over time compared to reusable ones, but they serve their purpose.

Thankfully, dog diapers of all kinds are relatively inexpensive.

You will also need to consider the material of the diaper. Material will play a role in how comfortable your dog is in the diaper. Nobody wants to make their senior dog uncomfortable, especially when you are only trying to help.

Typically, going with softer fabrics such as microfleece and cotton are the best ways to go for a diaper’s material. Material also plays a role in how you wash the diaper. Excluding disposable diapers, it is important to know how easily washable a diaper is so that you can prepare in advance.

These are just a few of the things you need to consider when looking at dog diapers.

However, with enough time and research, you will surely be able to find the dog diaper that suits your senior dog’s needs best. Before you know it, both you and your dog will be happy being able to move around the house without fear of coming across an accident on the ground.

Keeping the Dog Comfortable

You should always make sure you wash the diapers that are washable throughout the days that your dog is wearing it. Generally, it depends on the breed of the dog for how often you need to wash the diapers, but going by a once a day rule works pretty well.

This also applies to disposable diapers. You should also make sure that you switch out the padding of a diaper, if you can. This helps to keep a fresher feeling in the diaper, which will keep your dog happier as well.

Everybody loves a happy dog.

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