3 Best Dog Belly Bands and Dog Diapers

Some people do not realise that, while diapers do work for dogs in a number of situations of incontinence, there are other solutions. When you hear this, you might be thinking about what these solutions could entail. Of course, there is taking your dog to the vet to have the problem examined even further, but this is relatively impractical, although you should make sure you know why your dog has incontinence issues.

There is also the idea of supplements and similar medicines, but not everyone might be comfortable with feeding pills to their dogs. Large dog pee pads also work great for some dog parents but in the end, there is one solution that should be safe for just about every dog out there: belly bands.

Belly bands are, well, bands of fabric that go around your dog’s belly, and they are generally used for male dogs. You can consider them to be a male version of a dog diaper, although most dog diapers work for male dogs.

Instead, this focuses on keeping the dog from having accidents without limiting any sort of movement. By doing this, you can make sure that your dog is happy, your house is clean, and all you have to do is occasionally clean the pads of the belly bands.

As the name suggests, this belly band could easily be considered one of the standards of belly bands for dogs. It has just about everything you could need for your dog’s problems.

Not only is there an in-depth size chart that you can look at to make sure you are getting the right size for your dog, but you can also get additional washable pads to put in the band.

These pads are what make the belly band work, so this is important. In addition to this, this particular belly band is made from a waterproof fabric and the inside is a soft microfleece to keep your dog comfortable while wearing it.

If you find that you need to wash the pads or the band itself, this is fairly straightforward as well. The pads can simply be thrown in the washing machine with everything else, although if you need more you can contact the manufacturer and look at the website.

For the band itself, you simply just put it in the cold wash and make sure that you do not use anything that could damage it. In the end, this particular belly band has just about everything that you can ask for, including a way to check the sizes, reusable pads, and an easy to wash band. Before you know it, your dog will be having fewer accidents than ever.

While it goes by the slightly different name of “diaper wrap,” the idea is still the same. This pack of belly bands is perfect for dogs who are active, or if you have multiple dogs who need belly bands. 

For one active dog, you might find that with all your dog’s running and playing, the band dirty quicker than you would expect thus requiring frequent changes.

Having extra belly bands on backup can help prevent accidents when you are waiting for the belly band to be clean. if you have multiple dogs who have incontinence issues, then multiple belly bands are the perfect way to go about solving the problem.

This particular pack of belly bands has a large patch of Magic Tape to ensure that no matter what size your dog is, you will still be able to find a secure fit for the dog. This is very useful if you have that active dog again, although these bands are designed to stay in their proper place even if your dog enjoys rolling around on the floor.

These bands are also easily washable, which is wonderful. You can have one band in the washing machine and another on the dog and the last one in storage somewhere in case something happens to the first two. Having a multipack of something this important is never a bad idea.

Making sure that your dog is comfortable while wearing these bands is important. Nobody wants to anger their dog over something that is as easily fixable as belly bands.

With these bands, you can rest assured knowing that your dog is happy and comfortable wearing the band and that your home is safe from accidents from your dog.

With this multipack of belly bands, not only will you get the benefits of having more than one belly band to spare with your dog, but there are also many aspects that go into comfort with Mkouo’s brand of belly bands.

With a double-layered absorbent pad on the inside, there will be no leakage and your dog will remain comfortable. The colours on the bands can be nice for you to look at, and depending on your dog’s fur, it can match up quite nicely.

These bands are also designed to stay put, no matter how much your dog wants to run around the house and roll around on the floor. The soft outer material also ensures that your dog won’t be scratching all that much either, leaving everyone happy. Do keep in mind that you pay a price for increased comfort.

Knowing Which Dog Belly Band to Choose

More often than not, all belly bands are close to being the same. They all serve functionally the same purpose, and there isn’t much difference between them aside from material and colour. Unlike diapers, you don’t have to fret about making a choice between two very different types of bands.

The biggest issues that you might come across is that some bands have reusable pads, whereas others don’t. Thankfully, almost all belly bands are washable, so this resolves that issue.

When it comes to deciding what you want in a belly band, you will usually have to think about two things: price and material. These two also go hand in hand. For a higher price, you can get higher-quality material, meaning more comfort for your dog. If you do not want to spend as much money, you run the risk of lower-quality materials.

Choosing the right belly band is about finding the balance between the two. Do keep in mind that purchasing multipacks of belly bands, while it is more expensive up front, does save you a considerable amount of money in the long run, as you have several bands to cycle through. This means that you will get the most out of your purchase, unlike spending a lot on one single belly band.

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