3 Important Dog Incontinence products

The most common reason why dogs leak urine in their sleep is dog incontinence. The risk for dogs with incontinence can be attributed to the link between the sphincter and the dog’s brain is disrupted, hence it’s relatively easy for bacteria to travel up the dog’s urinary tract and causing an infection.

This problem can come about from a number of different things, such as neuter/spay, ectopic ureters, urinary tract infection, and bladder stones. Old age can also affect the ability for a dog to control its bladder, but it is not always the case as some younger dogs experience this issue as well. When she stands up, you notice urine leakage. It can be just a small wet spot or a good-sized puddle, depending on how much urine is being passed.

Dogs affected by a lot of these conditions can end up dribbling urine on numerous occasions during the day, especially when having a nap. This is not a behavioural problem, it’s a medical problem, and so trying to correct or punish her is a very bad idea.

A housetrained dog will be confused and even ashamed to know she’s leaving urine in inappropriate spots. That’s why it’s so important to treat urine dribbling as a medical problem requiring a medical diagnosis rather than a behavioural problem requiring behaviour correction or worse, punishment.

If you are currently going through this with your older dog or recently spayed female dog, below are a list of dog Incontinence products that can help.

Dog Incontinence Natural Remedies

The cause of your dog’s urinary incontinence will dictate what treatment she receives. If your pet is diagnosed with hormone-induced urinary incontinence, you should consider treating the problem naturally.

However, if there’s an underlying ailment or structural abnormality causing the problem, and it can be corrected through medical intervention and/or surgery, then that is definitely an option to be considered.

To correctly diagnose your dog’s incontinence, the following tests should be undertaken;

  • Physical examination by a Vet doctor
  • Blood test – chemistry, complete blood count and thyroid test
  • Urinalysis to evaluate kidney function

If a major urinary ailment is ruled out, then alternative remedies can be considered. Diet is the first place to look and is easily addressed.

There are dietary and herbal treatments that may help your incontinent dog. Many animals with incontinence issues from a variety of causes improve greatly or are cured through changing to a raw, grain-free diet.

It is quite useful to try a variety of treatments or combination of treatments when dealing with urinary incontinence.

The good news is incontinence usually amounts to little more than an annoyance in an otherwise healthy dog.

Dog Natural Remedy for Incontinence

Beds for Dogs that Pee

If your dog is experiencing urine incontinence it is vital that the dog is kept as clean and dry as possible. By using waterproof Dog beds that are designed to love and care for active dogs, your dog can stay dry.

If your dog is incontinent it is important that they are kept as clean and dry as possible. The great thing now is that waterproof dog beds are very easy to maintain and come in a variety of shapes.

The best waterproof beds for dogs that pee – and puppies – will protect the inside of the bed from mess and accidents. Most of the beds listed here are totally waterproof and the seams are thermally welded so the beds are totally sealed. The fabric wipes clean and antibacterial. So there’s no need to wash the covers repeatedly through the day.

Best Waterproof Dog Beds

Dog Nappies

Washable Dog Nappies and Male Wraps are a cost-effective solution for those needing to manage their pets incontinence. Dog nappies are a great way to help your older dog go through the challenges of dog incontinence with dignity – without feeling like they did something wrong. They also help ensure your home is clean & hygienic

Nappies for dogs are a good solution for dogs who suffer from incontinence, excited urination, or excessive male marking, and are also great for females on heat, or even just puppies who aren’t yet housetrained. For a female dog in season, excitable urination or suffering from incontinence, try a dog nappy might be the solution to all your problems.

Best Dog Nappies