Incontinent Dog Solutions

For many dog owners, sharing their living space with an older dog can be an amazing experience. An astonishing number of pet parents around the world, work tremendously hard to provide the best supplies, feeding nutrition, veterinary healthcare, exercise, mental stimulation and unconditional love throughout the lives of our dogs.

As often found in older dogs, incontinence sets in and keeping on top of it can be stressful, but it can be done with relative ease when you know what you’re doing. One thing worth being aware of is that your older dog is not suddenly becoming untrained and choosing to ‘go’ indoors rather than wait for her customary walk. She is just struggling and unable to hold her bowels in for an extended period of time any longer.

Despite this, it is not a hard task changing a number of things around you older dog’s environment and making routine changes that will make the process much easier. Below are a number of key tips worth implementing around your home to make your life and your precious dogs’ life a lot easier.

Reminder: If your dog suddenly becomes incontinent, always follow up with your veterinarian first.

  1. Buy a Waterproof Bed Cover for your Dog

If your dog has incontinence and you are looking for incontinent dog solutions, you should be willing to accept that accidents can happen. This would usually happen while your dog sleeps. Rather than constantly washing your dog’s bed repeatedly through the day, a waterproof bed cover around her bed will work a treat.

There are a wide choice dog bed sizes, as such, there’s an equally wide choice of waterproof mattress bed protectors available. Getting a large waterproof bed cover or a waterproof pillow cover for smaller beds will be sufficient for all your needs.

Waterproof bedding protectors are available to be bought online or in many department stores on the high street. As expected with plastic, some plastic waterproof bed covers make plasticky sounds, which can scare some dogs. Some are also quite slick, which can lead to your dog sliding off her bed. If this is something that worries you then you should consider opting for a soundless bed protector made of coated plastic, such as a Premium Plush waterproof memory bed.

The key thing to remember is that once you have wrapped up your dog’s bed with a cover, it also helps to cover the bed with additional old blankets that can be washed at a moments notice. A smart way to do it would be to use old twin bed comforters wrapped in soft waterproof covers. That way you can swap them out and wash when required. The extra soft waterproof bed cover on the outside of a comforter helps protect the interior padding and helps make washing super easy.

  1. Create a Safe & Comfortable Space

Older dogs with incontinence need a warm, clean, safe and comfortable environment to rest their weary bones each day. Deciding on an area within your home that can easily be cleaned will serve you in good stead.

An area that is safe and fenced off from the rest of the house and covered with rubber-backed rugs is ideal. The addition of a very comfortable dog bed and dog toys, as well as a bowl of water to stay hydrated, will also help.

Another option often overlooked by many dog parents is wee-wee pads or incontinent dog training pads. Having it in a small corner of your enclosed space is great as house trained dogs will know to use it specifically in that area. They are easy to rinse and clean really quickly.

The training pads can later be sanitised, with rugs and bedding washed as required.

Wee Patch

Offers a convenient option for your dog and alternative to outdoor relief for your dog
  1. Using Dog Nappies

Dog owners usually argue over what nappies to choose as an incontinent dog solution. Cloth dog nappies or disposable ones. While cloth nappies can be reused and are more environmentally friendly, they are more expensive to buy than disposable options. Disposable dog nappies are handy, convenient and easy to use. They have a lower initial outlay, which can then add up over time.

It is worth noting that dog nappies should usually only be an option when at home with your dog and should not be used when your dog is to be left alone for hours.

When leaving your dog home alone, keep your incontinent dog in a safe and easy-to-clean area because accidents will happen.

  1. Use a Waterless Dog Shampoo

If you are after easy solutions to cleaning up your dog following a potty accident, then you should consider buying a large bottle of waterless dog shampoo.

If you have one to hand then it is as easy as wiping up any urine or poo from your dog after an accident. The waterless shampoo can then be sprayed onto soiled areas of your dog’s coat and wiped with a clean towel.

Apple Cider Vinegar is also a great option to have to hand when your dog suffers from incontinence.

Waterless Dog Shampoo

No rinse foaming shampoo offers an alternative to bathing – ideal for colder months, and takes a fraction of the time