Natural Remedy for Dog Leaking Urine


Dogs are one of the greatest sources of joy in the world, but if you have a dog leaking urine, there’s a huge chance that you are likely to be unhappy with things at home.

This can be incredibly frustrating for many a dog owner. You have already gone through the trouble to potty train your dog, and then this happens. No one likes to see their carpeting or bedspread or sofa spoiled by dog urine.

Natural Remedy for Dog Leaking Urine

On the other hand, you don’t want to be too harsh toward your dog over a medical issue like urinary incontinence. The conditions that lead to a dog leaking urine are often out of their control. Dogs often know that they’re not supposed to pee randomly at every opportunity, and they don’t feel comfortable leaking urine against their wishes.

With that in mind, it is important that you find a way to treat your dog if it’s suffering from urinary incontinence. Natural remedies for dogs leaking urine offer an all-natural way of dealing with incontinence.

As luck would have it, there is a wide range of natural remedies that can be employed to help address urinary incontinence in dogs.

Home Remedies for Dog Incontinence or a Dog Leaking Urine

Chinese Herbs

One of the most popular ways of treating urinary incontinence in dogs is by using treatments that are based on Chinese herbs. That being said, simply referring to them as Chinese herbs indicates the biggest problem with this course of treatment, namely, the lack of accessibility and information for Western audiences unfamiliar with Chinese medical practices.

After all, simply saying Chinese herbs doesn’t narrow down what’s actually in that bottle of medicine very much. While some bottles of Chinese herbs for dogs boast that ingredients such as Talcum and herbs are grown in China, you’ll want to review the bottle’s contents and cross-check them for effectiveness before buying anything.

One good option for dogs suffering incontinence and other bowel issues is this herbal remedy to be used daily. It helps protect dogs against disease-causing pathogens in the gut and also fortifies the digestive system.

When it’s all said and done, you’ll want to make sure that other herbs purchased online will actually benefit your dog.

Many online purchases capitalise on Western ignorance of what actually constitutes Chinese medicine. If you have a dog that suffers from anxiety which then leads to urinary incontinence problems, then this herbal calming supplement might help.

Corn Silk and Teas

If you are uncertain about Chinese options, but still want to go the herbal route, you may want to consider corn silk and teas. The former is just what it sounds like, the long, silky fibres you find at the end of an ear of corn.

It is sometimes used as part of treatments for urinary tract infections in people, so there is some medical backing in terms of its efficacy. That said, you’ll want to research the dosage necessary for your dog along with any tea combinations you wish to employ before administering it.

Estrogen Treatments

Estrogen treatment can be helpful for female dogs in particular. Estrogen therapy helps increase the resting muscle tone of the urethra in females and is often used to treat female dogs with urinary incontinence as a result of estrogen depletion.

When administered in the right doses, extra estrogen can help your dog recover from a urinary tract problem and significantly reduce the chances of your dog leaking urine.

Typical over the counter options – like this supplement for bladder support – is a great choice for managing your dog’s incontinence without having to resort to surgical intervention.

Estrogen is obviously natural, and estrogen pills can typically be hidden in meat or your dog’s food dish. That said, you’ll want to be aware that giving your dog extra estrogen will make it much more noticeable to any male dogs in the area.

These natural remedies can help you resolve your dog’s unfortunate urinary leaking problem in due course.

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