USMI in Dogs UK

You have been trying to potty train your puppy for some time now. You’ve scoured the Internet, tried one trick after another, and all you have to show for it is a stained and soaked carpet that smells of puppy urine. You love your dog, and don’t want this problem to get between you.

Luckily, these potty training problems may not be you or your puppy’s fault.

Unluckily, it may be due to a bigger problem which may be more difficult to solve.

Here’s a quick look at what USMI is and how you can combat it.

USMI 101

Urethral Sphincter Mechanism Incompetence, or USMI, afflicts many dogs in the UK. It is a condition which causes dogs’ bladders to loosen, leading to urinary leaking. Even if they know they’re not supposed to “go” there, due to USMI, they may not be able to help it. This can result from a wide range of different causes, including:

  • Low oestrogen levels in females
  • Back injuries
  • Their urinary tract becoming stretched
  • Excessive exercise

Some signs of USMI include:

  • Urinary dribbling
  • Excessive accidents
  • Sudden changes in your dog’s behaviour
  • Eczema
  • Bad odor
  • Excessive licking of their genitalia

Spayed Dogs

One cause of USMI is spaying. While you should always get your dog spayed or neutered if you don’t plan on letting them breed, this does increase the risk of incontinence given how it can accidentally cause that aforementioned “stretching” of the urinary tract. You’ll, thus, want to ask your veterinarian about the risk of this and, if your dog shows signs of USMI after being spayed or neutered, speak to them about ways to address the matter.

Potential Treatments

There are many different potential treatments of USMI, depending on the manner in which you wish to address the issue. For example, you can opt for Proin treatments. These tablets can be placed inside food and can help tighten your dog’s sphincter. Oestrogen tablets can help for female dogs who are suffering from oestrogen levels.

Then there are herbal treatments. These vary wildly in type as well as nature, but can be a great boon for those who prefer all-natural treatments for their dogs. Chinese herbs are one possibility, and can be purchased online.

The same can be said for various herbal tonics. No matter the herbal remedy you choose, you’ll want to research it first to make sure it’s safe, and check how best to administer it.

All this and more can help you determine the best way to treat your dog for USMI.