What Causes a Dog to Urinate Uncontrollably?

Have you ever been in the awkward position of seeing your dog having a wee accident, and found yourself wondering what causes a dog to urinate uncontrollably? Of course, certain accidents are expected. And most dog parents accept that there will always be accidents to deal with when you have a dog.

It is, however, not something that most dog parents want to think about. In some ways, it can pretty much become a normal part of raising and caring for a dog, especially when you raise a puppy from birth.

If after a while you notice that your puppy dog urinates almost uncontrollably, even after being housetrained, there might be something else at play. Irrespective of if your puppy has seemingly forgotten that it was housetrained, or your senior dog of several years suddenly regressed on its ability to control its bladder, you can rest assured knowing that there are possibly various reasons for this and ways to fix this issue.

Why Does Your Dog Urinate Uncontrollably?

There are two main areas that you will need to consider when you are trying to figure out what causes your dog to urinate uncontrollably. Once the main factors are identified, then the options for treatment can then be considered as well as knowing the dog products available to help you deal with it.

First, it is worth considering whether or not there is a medical reason for this to be happening. You should always rule out medical reasons before you begin looking at behavioural reasons. Once you have sufficiently ruled out health reasons as the cause of your puppy’s urination issues, you can turn to behavioural and environmental causes, as these can play a massive role in why your puppy is doing this.

Health Factors

There are quite a few different health and medical reasons that could be at play when your dog begins to urinate uncontrollably. If your dog is an older dog, you might want to consider age-related diseases, which include kidney diseases, cognitive decline, and similar conditions.

As your dog ages, its body will begin to decline, just as human bodies do. This is one of the more common causes of inappropriate urination in elderly dogs.

If your dog isn’t at the age where these conditions can be reasonably considered, then you will want to start looking at other health conditions. Tumours, infections, and injuries to the kidneys and spinal cord can all cause uncontrollable urination in dogs.

If you notice that your dog is urinating when you know that it shouldn’t, then you should plan a trip to the veterinarian as soon as you can, so that you can rule out any health-related causes.

Finally, the last medical cause that your dog’s urination issues can come from is medication. There are some medications that can affect how much your dog feels the need to relieve itself, which will end up causing accidents around the house.

If your dog is on any medication, you will want to take a quick look at the potential side effects to see if frequent urination is common among them. These are all the things you should look for when you are ruling out medical causes of your dog’s urination issues. Once you have ruled everything out, you can then think about behavioural and environmental causes.

Environmental and Behavioral Factors

Dogs weeing uncontrollably can sometimes be due to sudden changes as dogs can be incredibly sensitive to changes in their environments. No matter if you are moving from one house to another, or if you are redecorating and renovating your current house, these are all things that can cause your dog to be under immense stress.

When your dog is stressed out, it might urinate more often, even if it has been housetrained for years. If your dog is stressed out, you should look into some remedies for that stress to ensure that your dog is not stressed out further by its own inappropriate urination.

Additionally, dogs are much like humans in the sense that they rely heavily on a schedule. Without a routine schedule in their lives, dogs can get anxious. An anxious dog is one that is more likely going to urinate where it shouldn’t.

This is one of the reasons why it is important to have a set schedule on when you take your dog out for walks. If you deviate too much from the schedule, this can stress your dog out, causing it to urinate. These are also some of the things to consider if you notice that your dog is urinating uncontrollably.