What If Your Dog Leaks Urine When Lying Down?

There’s a chance that you have noticed a pattern with your dog lying down and leaking urine after playing with you like normal. Times when they immediately stand up and walk away, leaving a puddle on the ground beneath them.

In some cases, you may have noticed it when you brought your dog home from recently being spayed or neutered. You observed that they were walking a bit more gingerly as they dripped urine.

It may even be that you really started to notice it when your dog started urinating every few minutes, regardless of where they were, despite the fact you house trained them long ago. There are any number of different ways in which you might have become acquainted with the tell-tale warning signs of urinary incontinence.

If you have begun to experience this problem with your dog, you might well start to worry about what this means for the future. Is this the new normal? Do you need to figure out the most absorbent dog daipers in the short term? Are you going to be permanently stuck with a dog that’s incontinent and dribbles urine everywhere?

Thankfully, in most cases, the answer is no. For as annoying as it can be, urinary incontinence when lying down or otherwise is usually treatable in one of several ways.

Be Patient

Above all, you want to remain patient with your dog. It may not be easy when they dribble or have an accident all over your sofa or carpeting, but keep in mind that this isn’t pleasant for them, either. It certainly isn’t their fault. They don’t want to be doing this, and they have no control over it.

For the time being, though, you may want to keep your dog away from carpeting, sofas, bedding, and other areas you don’t want to see accidentally soaked in urine.

Treatment Options

There are several ways you can approach the problem of urinary incontinence. One key option for a lot of dog parents is to monitor the pH levels in their dogs. This can easily be done by getting some cheap urine test strips and testing a smalle urine sample at home.

Another key thing you’ll want to do is determine the cause of them leaking urine while lying down. There are several potential causes for urinary incontinence in dogs, ranging from back pain or spaying leading to stretched urinary muscles to a urinary tract infection.

You’ll thus need to take your pet to the vet to determine what the root cause of the problem is. From there, your vet will be able to prescribe different methods of treatment.

For example, Proin is a drug which is sometimes given to dogs to help address urinary incontinence. It works by tightening the walls around your dog’s urinary tract.

This can be helpful in cases where urinary incontinence is due to stretching or similar physical problems with your dog’s urinary tract. By tightening these walls, you can reduce the degree to which your dog accidentally “leaks” when lying down.

In some cases, it is an ideal option to consider getting some multivitamin supplements for your beloved dog. While this can increase your dog’s “attractiveness” to other dogs, it can nevertheless sometimes be a better alternative for female dogs. Ultimately, whether you choose one of these over the counter options or require special prescriptions or treatments, you’ll want to confer with your vet before doing anything.

If your dog leaks urine when lying down, it can be a troubling dilemma to resolve. Thankfully, armed with the right information, you can take action and resolve the issue.