What to Do if Your Dog Leaks Urine after Using a Catheter

We all love our dogs dearly, but facing urinary incontinence can really test the lengths of that love, through no fault of your poor pooch. After all, it isn’t their fault that they are quite literally leaking urine.

What is at fault, however, can be harder to pinpoint. Urinary incontinence means that your dog can’t help but leak urine, so it’s not a matter of them simply defying your orders and peeing wherever they want. Instead, it often involves the involuntary loosening of muscles around your dog’s urinary tract, leading to some owners getting this for their dogs. 

This is what causes urine to leak out involuntarily. There are many potential causes for this, ranging from the area being too stretched out following spaying or neutering to back injury to, yes, catheter use.

That final point can be especially problematic. If you are using a catheter to treat your dog, chances are the matter is severe enough that simply not using the catheter isn’t an option. Still, the leaking is itself a huge problem.

So, what should you do if your dog is leaking urine after using a catheter?

Check the Catheter

The first thing you’ll want to do is check the catheter itself. Be sure that it is not leaky or ridden with holes at any point along the tubes and connections.

Check Your Dog

Next, you’ll want to check your dog. Are they doing anything that might cause the catheter to leak, such as pulling, clawing, or biting on it? Are they making sudden movements which might be shaking the catheter loose or otherwise causing it to leak?

You’ll also want to make sure that the catheter is a good fit for your dog. If it is not properly fitted into place, you can try repositioning it. That said, you’ll obviously want to do so with the utmost care and gentleness, as you don’t want to cause your dog added discomfort – and they’ll definitely let you know if you are.

Have Your Dog Checked

If you do call your vet, you’ll want to be sure they check both the catheter as well as your dog. Chances are they will have questions about both, so be ready with answers. They’ll need them to come to a conclusion as to what can be done to stop your pet from leaking urine from their catheter.

Observe your dog’s behaviour carefully before taking action or calling your vet regarding your dog leaking urine due to a catheter-related problem.


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